The Tenant Journey

The tenant journey expands outwards in three rings, from the vibrant downtown of Teaneck to the next ring with 5 shopping malls featuring an Apple Store, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and, then, a mere 14 minutes away, downtown Manhattan with all of the culture, glitz, glam and opportunity of NYC

First Ring: Walkable Downtown

Welcome to the only luxury community with a walkable downtown. Scroll down to check out the cafes, stores, and services at your doorstep.

Second Ring: Paramus

As you expand outward from vibrant Teaneck, within 5 minutes, you’ll find five shopping malls, a Whole Foods, Trader Joes, tons of shopping including an Apple Store, Bloomingdales and barnes and Noble. There’s even indoor skydiving and rock climbing for those more daring.

Third Ring: Manhattan

The Greatest City in the World, at your doorstep. From the MET to the MOMA, Nobu to Starbucks and everything in between, this is the most inspired playground the planet has to offer. ​And, it’s all yours.

Experience The Walkable Downtown

  • Mocha Blue
  • CafeLazy Bean Cafe
    Nobo Wine & Grill
    Sushi Metsuyan
    Dougie’s BBQ
    Cafe Metro
    Poppy’s bagels
    Goodies Candy
    Golden Grill
    Sammy’s Restaurant
    Chickies French Fry & Chicken Bar
  • Bussing to NYC
    Chase Bank
    bespoke Men’s Spa
    Dry cleaners
    Teaneck Cinema
    Nail Queen
    Chop Chop Barne
    US Post Office
    Get Twisted Salon
    Avenue A Events
    Debonaire Music
  • Privet Gifts and Flowers
    The Purple Bow
    On The Table
    Weinreb’s Books
  • Glatt Express
    Mister K
    Cedar Market
    LaHore Grocery